Independently and with the help of local agents label Okhlupeng organized concerts, tours, covens, celebrations, expeditions and conferences in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Central and Southern Europe. Coverage - more than 30 cities, from Barnaul to Barcelona.

The largest international irregular gathering of Okhlupeng - festival Potlatch. The title is a direct reference to the potlatch, an ancient Native American ceremony, during which whole tribes burned and gave away their own property for renewing and sacrificial purposes.

Focusing on issues of magic, cryptozoology, ufology, futurology and the latest technology, archeology and anarchy studies of local places, Potlatch fest passes over the borders of states, upsetting musical and social stereotypes. Among the practices of Potlatch fest: rag loneliness, psychedelic meditation, insane hardcore mosh, collective rite, Dischord-journey. Among the objectives of the festival: update experience of root dervishes; madness propaganda; going beyond the tangible world.

Among the participants of the Potlatch and related activities of previous years:

  • Terveet Kädet (Finland)

    fathers of finnish hardcore

  • Vladimir Kozyrev (Vologda)

    employee of Vologda machine factory, the unique singer and songwriter

  • Usssy (Moscow)

    oriental noise rock

  • Kyshtymov (Omsk-St. Petersburg)

    ritual folk bard and horror raver

  • Chimpanzee Brothers (Vladimir)

    legendary psychrokers

  • Lenina Packet (Obninsk-Moscow)

    greatest rap-hyperlink

  • Ankylym (St. Petersburg)


  • Hofmann Grinder (Spain)

    grindcore Barcelona

  • Justice Yeldham (Australia)

    noisy glass-eater who toured in 50 countries

  • Pichismo (Lithuania)

    the inventor of esperantocore

  • Company Fuck (Australia-Germany)

    noisecore disco circus

  • DJ Skull Vomit (USA)

    digital powerviolence

  • Dave Phillips (Switzerland)

    the member of Fear of God and Schimpfluch-gruppe, master of noise-collage

  • Maruosa (Japan)

    the legend of cybergrind

and also: Archelear, Kiskin Zhar, Da smert!, Brom, Rectalny Sip, Benzolnye Mertvetsy, Monopolka, Octopussy, Sexual Harassment Panda, Usssy, Running Bear Inc., Grave Nigguz, The Cold Dicks, Furfur journalist, Gra, Anatoliy Blagovest, Tripinadva, Gameboydrice, Booby Mason, DJ Chaban, Eres, Sergiy Cherepiho, Native birches, Rudolf, PKMN, Noises of Russia, ДЯП, Coffin Wheels, .nyctalops, Hruzt, Mafia vs Ninja (Lithuania), Leevi Launis (Finland), Bruzgynai (Lithuania), Muozik (Poland), Sajjra (Peru), Krapoola (Spain) and many more.

Okhlupeng, leading Russian DIY label dealing with the affairs of the insane, weird, scary and funny music, celebrates its fifth anniversary - a schizophrenic underground artist from Australia goes here to congratulate - it's Company Fuck, mixing breakcore, noise and spoiled karaoke. - Vice