Born and raised in Omsk (Siberia), Kyshtymov aka Borovik Eralash makes stuff between folk breakcore, ritual noise chanson and postjazz cybergrind. Kyshtymov recreates the music of the outside world with horns (zhaleyka, vologodskiy rozhok, trombone, etc.), old synthesizers, weird voices, glitch electronics, hand-claps, and any item he got. Using these sounds in combination with his post-apocalyptic mythology, Kyshtymov changes your vision. Known both by stunt performances and outstanding video works - from psy sacral cartoons to cryptozoology documentary.

Kyshtymov played in Russia, Belarus, Japan, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Czech, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Vietnam, Greece, Serbia, Hungary etc., he accents the weird gathering in the village Borisova Griva especially.
Participated festivals: Bloodnok, Noise VS Glamour, SKIF, ZXZW, Noise Eurovision, Body Navigation, Potlatch, SOJ, Systo and more.
Collaborated / toured with: Bardoseneticcube, Noises of Russia, Monopolka, Ankylym, Alexei Borisov, Kylie Minoise, Pichismo, Arma, Dave Phillips, Justice Yeldham, Skull Vomit, Company Fuck, Maruosa, Sajjra, Passenger of shit, and more.

Runs the label Okhlupeng for psychedelic/outsider music releasing tapes, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, wooden objects etc.

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Underground ragga-harsh and ritual chanson in street theater form by the owner of the main russian schizolabel Okhlupeng. Mystic roots underside made with international range. Denying folk-pop speculation, Borovik Eralash bites into the sum and substance of Russian madness - in one pot: noise mystic and Slavic spell, digital exorcism and tramp moods, as a result - viscous songs directing us from usual reality to the Otherworld. - Afisha

Siberian electronic maker Borovik Eralash made desired cool musical destroy. I knew that will be weird garbage costumes (especially impressed masks and elk hide), that fragments seems to be chaotic, that hardcore now must be only digital. But evidently great that all the elements are perceived as the holistic act. -

Here some songs of Borovik Eralash. His performance got 10 out of 10 on our scale. - E:\music\outsider