Okhlupeng is a magic horse, talisman log on the roof of the traditional Russian house. Most often, the log attached form horse - he was considered a sacred animal, a conduit between humans and gods. Horse - human companion and assistant, it is associated with the sky and the cult of fertility, but at the same time and with the world beyond the grave. This is an image of motion path.

Okhlupeng is the russian international label created in 2007, since that moment we released outsider/weird/noise/psy music on tapes, floppy disks, CD-Rs, DVDs, business cards. Among them: side-project albums of Chimpanzee Brothers - Mr. Zhmur and Pastor Shnyaga, Apelyuski Usta, Doctor Hali-Gali: powerful otherworld collages of Dave Phillips; post-jazz under the mask of disco - Totalitarian Musical Sect; DVD-compilation of Potlatch-fests as an annex to the 30-volume collected works of Maxim Gorky; psy poetry of Sergei Anufriev, co-author of the novel "The Mythogenic Love of Castes"; split cassette of Finnish avant-black metal Pymathon and Russian punk-jazz band Native birches and more.

Since we are interested in not only the music, we also release t-shirts, matches, whistles, birdhouse, now develop other hand-made objects.

Contact: stereohappiness@gmail.com

Russian game in all its wild glory: here published 1-bit gangsta rappers Grave Nigguz, folk-freak terrorist Borovik Eralash and, alas, decayed psychedelic rock band "Chimpanzee Brothers”, the authors of the immortal hit 'Boyarsky got non-female face' - Time Out

Evil cosmic harsh noise from Swiss man Dave Phillips - master keeps the brand, as well as domestic shizolabel Okhlupeng. Satanic bird on the inside design - not a figment of designer imagination, but a sign of municipal obscurantism in Oryol city, where Phillips himself reveled with noise a couple of years ago - Afisha